Gojo-Buju Karate


Grandmaster Robert V. Alejandre 


10th Degree Grandmaster and Founder Robert V. Alejandre of "Goju-Buju Karate" a "Hard/Soft Military Martial Art", who has a 50 year plus multi faced martial arts career which began early in his life at age 7 as a boxer for 12 years and simultaneously merged in and began Okinawan "Goju-Ryu" 4 years later at 11 years old. Then Alejandre received his first Dan Black Belt at 19 and his second Dan in Goju-Ryu at 20 years old and has been competing and teaching full time ever since for the last 41 years.

Over Alejandre's 50 plus year martial arts career, where he was once an undefeated Muay Thai Fighter and mastered numerous other martial arts styles, he decided that an improvement to the traditional Goju-Ryu style Karate needed to be made. That improvement would integrate and focus on "the most lethal techniques" to not only disable an attacker but to kill an attacker, in self-defense or the protection of others, only if necessary which techniques are used in "the art war" which he was so intimately involved in that gave him inspiration to use his knowledge to create his own system, "Goju-Buju".

Grandmaster Alejandre has committed his entire life to martial arts and has been teaching in his schools in Europe, Alabama, Idaho, Washington, California and Alaska where he has trained numerous World Champions such as his son World Kata Champion, Kenji Lee Alejandre and his niece Amber Ramirez, a Gold Medal Olympic Karate Champion, Jasmine Siquenza, who won the 2002, 1st Place Title in the United States National Amateur Boxing Championship, Valanna McGee, World Title Boxing Champion, Theresa Arnold, World Title Boxing Champion and others that include, law enforcement, FBI, CIA along with Military Special Forces, one of which was a part the team who took out Osama Bin Laden.

Alejandre has earned a reputation as an extremely disciplined Sensei who takes his students beyond their self-imposed limits while training them in a martial art system (Gojo-Buju Karate) that intensely focuses them in an "advanced worrier style martial art".

A big focus of Alejandre's schools, is his martial arts clinic's and demonstration which he does to engage, inspire, discipline, train and empower children and women in the art of self-defense, with hundreds of successes under his belt. Alejandre's caring but intense history has been one without blemish as he is a shining example of clean living and humility not often found in such a lethal Grandmaster. Most all of Alejandre's students and the professionals he has trained have a high opinion of his direct no nonsense training which they admire and has them as friends for life.

Thought the 50 plus years in the martial arts and his 41 years Alejandre has been competing and teaching in his own schools, he has worked with and or was involved in events with such martial artists as Bill "Superfoot" Walace, Benny The Jet Urquidez, Eric Lee, David Carradine, Cung Lee, Horace Gracie, Gene Tibons, Ron Marchini, Leo Fong, Ernie Raez Jr., Maneul Rameriz, Katsutaka Tanaka, Okomoto Brothers, Yurio Nakada and many others.

Grand Master Alejandre founded "Alejandre's Training System" and trains professional fighter's today.

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